Renee Cataldo: Goblin Goddess Of ‘The Hobbit’ [PHOTO GALLERY]

You may not know Renee Cataldo, but you should.

Renee’s an actress and model from New Zealand, and like anyone with acting skills there, she’s in “The Hobbit.” As a goblin, dude. There aren’t many parts for women in this movie, but she’s cool enough to say, “screw it, put some gross green makeup on me, I want to be in this joint.” That kind of attitude, plus her kind of look, is sure to make her a household name one day soon.

Here’s the thing: we think she’s awesome, but so does she. Quote from the homepage of her website: “Renee Cataldo is a 23 years old, extremelly good looking actress and model from New Zealand.” You might say that’s arrogant, or call her a diva, but we think she’s poised to be the next battle rapper with that kind of confidence. Ok, yes, she did spell “extremely” wrong, but that just tells us she doesn’t let anyone second-guess her decisions.

We salute your willingness to be a goblin, your bad spelling, your confidence, and you, Renee. Here’s some pictures to show our appreciation.



    1. Opal says:

      Great article! – although that website you quote from is not Renee's official page, some random made it! Check out –

    2. J T says:

      So she was an uncredited goblin in "The Hobbit". Big deal! So was Thomas Rimmer, Tim McLachlan and Mark Trotter among others. Why don't you write something about them? She ain't even that hot.

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