Drinking It At Work: Water

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COED had our holiday party last night. Needless to say I’ve been a bit hungover today. Sorry if you’ve been able to tell. [Lead image via Shutterstock.]

The primary cause of hangovers is dehydration. So it’s recommended that you drink as much water as possible to help alleviate symptoms.

Now, I’m sure many of you will say that another, better way to kill a hangover is to continue drinking. Hangovers are really caused by alcohol withdrawal, therefore the only true “cure” is to end your withdrawal by drinking more alcohol.

This is very true. But another side-effect of a hangover is laziness, and there are no noteworthy beers in the office right now and I’m in no mood to get up out of this chair today.

So we’ll be back with a new beer next week. Until then, drink whatever you want.

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Now… back to my water.

Find out more about water on water’s website.