This Festive Butter Dancing Video is How Every Holiday Greeting Should Look [VIDEO]

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Christmas is fast approaching and if you have a zip code, chances are you’re getting non-junk mail for the first time all year thanks to the outdated tradition of the Christmas card.

It’s not that we don’t appreciate the thought or even the physical presence of a holiday greeting in our mailbox. We just wish they weren’t the same Thomas Kinkade-esque scenes of a winter wonderland that never existed. Or even worse, a photo of your baby in a Santa hat.

Where are the Christmas cards that feature a semi-topless Kate Upton suggestively licking a candy cane as she wishes us a “Merry Sexmas”? Sure it might be a bit awkward if they were signed “Love, Mom” but isn’t the extra thought what really counts?

This holiday greeting mashup of Wham’s “Last Christmas” and the famed Melati Suryodarmo butter dancing performance art is probably as close as we’ll ever come to getting that card. Sure, Melati isn’t Kate Upton… but who is?

via Boing Boing