2012’s Hottest College Cheerleaders (As Voted By Fans)

For each week of the college football season, we asked our readers to vote on individual games — but with a twist. Instead of asking the fans to vote on which team would win, we told them to pick which team they thought had the hottest cheerleaders.

Now that all the data has been collected and the regular season is over with, we’re left with the closest thing to a definitive list on which schools have the hottest cheerleaders.

What we found is actually pretty very surprising. Generally speaking, the hotter the cheerleaders, the better the record. You’d think that hot girls would distract a team, not help them.

Here are the 30 schools with hottest college cheerleaders, as voted on by you.

Oregon State

#1 Oregon State Beavers

Cheerleader Showdown Record: 11-1

Actual Record: 9-3

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    #2 Florida State University Seminoles

    Cheerleader Actual Record:: 10-1

    Actual Record: 11-2

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      #3 TCU Horned Frogs

      Cheerleader Actual Record:: 9-1

      Actual Record: 7-5

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        #4 Kansas State Wildcats

        Cheerleader Showdown Record: 8-0

        Actual Record: 11-1

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          #5 Oregon Ducks

          Cheerleader Showdown Record: 8-2

          Actual Record: 11-1

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            #6 UCLA Bruins

            Cheerleader Showdown Record: 8-3

            Actual Record 9-4

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              texas-am-aggies-cheerleaders-19 2

              #7 Texas A&M Aggies

              Cheerleader Showdown Record: 7-1

              Actual Record: 10-2

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                #8 Louisville Cardinals

                Cheerleader Showdown Record: 7-3

                Actual Record: 10-2

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                  #9 Nebraska Cornhuskers

                  Cheerleader Showdown Record: 7-3

                  Actual Record: 10-3

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                    #10 Alabama Crimson Tide

                    Cheerleader Showdown Record: 7-5

                    Actual Record: 12-1

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