71 Years After The Day After Pearl Harbor

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It’s good to be a patriot, so you should know when to honor and observe national holidays and days of remembrance.

For example, today is December 8th, the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese military. FDR gave his straight pimpin’ “Day Of Infamy” speech and the U.S. Military got to work planning its largest mobilization ever.

But none of that really matters when you compare it to the most important happening of the day: Americans – from North and South – came together to let their racist freak flag fly against the Japanese, or “Japs” if we want to be historically precise. And leading that ig’nant racist charge were America’s newspapers. Sure, the New York Times tried to be formal and inoffensive with their headline that day, but papers like the San Antonio Express really got their point across to their readership – who were a bunch of rednecks that probably never met a Japanese person outside of an alien abduction dream.

If it weren’t for newspapers like the Express, we might never have been worked into a tizzy of fear and paranoia, and that means we might never have forced Japanese-Americans into internment camps during the war! So as a true patriot this December 8th, crack open a beer, eat some apple pie, and honor the men who lost their lives on Pearl Harbor by hating on some j… no, don’t do that last part. Just get drunk or something.