Australian Radio Show Phone Pranks Are All Fun And Games Until Someone Kills Themselves

In case you’re not following the British tabloids closely, allow us to fill you in on a story quickly. Australian radio show 2Day FM recently prank called King Edward VII Hospital,┬áthe hospital where a pregnant Kate Middleton was staying and then pretended to be the Queen (with bad accents and all). Much to their surprise, the gag actually worked. The radio hosts were put through to a nurse who divulged some personal information on Kate and her health, as well as the whereabouts of Prince William. (Full conversation here.)

As any smart media outlet would, 2Day FM blew the story out of the water. They bragged about it on Twitter. They bragged about it on Facebook. They made international headlines.

But 2Day FM is left looking like a bunch of a**holes because that same nurse was found dead this morning, the victim of an apparent suicide.

via Daily Mail



    1. Angry man says:

      If it was my wife who committed suicude as a result of this 'prank' i can gurantee those two radio DJs would be dead within a fortnight.
      Rarely has a story made me so angry.

    2. chuck543 says:

      Man, I couldn't agree more. We've lost a valuable productive member of society who's saved and cared for god knows how many people. We can all be thankful that the two scumbag DJs are still alive, not.

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