The 10 Manliest Shots Of All-Time

Let’s face it, if a man orders a round of shots and chooses the likes of a Red Headed Slut or a Chocolate Cake, it’s a violation. Might as well put on a sash that says “Bachelorette” and sip the shot with one of those straws shaped like a penis. Real men need to challenge themselves and, above that, prove they are manlier than their counterparts. Unfortunately, that involves only consuming shots that are so fowl that hell itself may have spit them back out.

Time to put the women and children to bed and go looking for dinner, here are the 10 Manliest Shots of All-Time…



    1. xaotikdesigns says:

      Club I used to go to had Red Headed Slut as the drink special. Bartender was also a super hot red head that l believe liked me. I would order, she would fill a glass (not a shotglass, a full glass) and charge me half the special shot price.

      You can say what you want about the drink, but if I find myself in that same situation, I'm going to order a bunch more.

    2. nycbass says:

      Russian cat piss actually sounds not that bad. Prairie fires are great

    3. john says:

      thats the incorrect recipe for both the 3-wise men and the four horseman

    4. Jesyra says:

      Stuntman tequila shot:

      Same ingredients as a regular tequila shot, but you snort the salt, drink the shot then squeeze the lemon in your eye. For real men only.

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