The 50 Most Popular Women On The Web (According To Google) 2012

Since 2010, we’ve compiled our list of “The 50 Most Popular Women On The Web (According To Google)” — and in that short time, it has become the definitive end-of-year list for determining which women racked up the most search results and earned the title “Queen of the Internet.”

As in previous years, many of the results surprised us… this year, even the top one. And the list is sure to spark debate. We welcome it. But to avoid debate on our methodology, we are once again happy to disclose how we came to our findings. We also encourage you to look back at the results for 2011 and 2010 to see how the list has changed.

But enough about us, let’s talk about what you really came here to see: The Most Popular Women On The Web (According To Google) 2012…



    1. Bruno says:

      Cher Womans World!!!!!

      1. steve_carell says:

        my buddy's mother-in-law makes $64/hour on the internet. She has been fired for six months but last month her pay was $19789 just working on the internet for a few hours. Go to this web site and read more.,,,

    2. Nora says:

      Where is Christina Aguilera?? I mean I'm not complaining or anything, I'm actually happy she's not on the list, but it's a little surprising.

    3. becca says:

      Never even heard of Lana Del Ray. I don't see how she is number 1!

    4. nadine says:

    5. Lana is very bad says:

      Oh my god ! Lana is just horrible! !! :(

    6. Mary says:

      Shakira! !!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    7. Taylor505 says:

      #50 looks like a 12 year old body, waist and facial expression, nothing to do with bra size, some very sexy women have small "bras"

    8. Taylor505 says:

      #27 beautiful, just doesn 't look that way anymore

    9. Taylor505 says:

      not #27, meant #41 Jessica alba beautiful, just doesn't look like this anymore

    10. Taylor505 says:

      never really got #36, and #35 very good in Harry Potter

    11. Taylor505 says:

      The point is taken, the "badder" you are, the crazier you act, the more you date world wide celebs, the more popular you will be, am I correct?

    12. Harrison Chacon says:


    13. deric says:

      bad writing skill by the author! Mariah is Relevant., do ur research well!

    14. Whitney says:

      How could you say that shit about Whitney Houston, whose an icon who was 10x's more famous than all of them!

    15. Karyna says:

      Lana em primeiro :o WTF

    16. patrick says:

      lana lana lana! is the best!!!

    17. Rihanna says:

    18. EBH613 says:

      Uh why yes you can be "short' and still have a great body. Dumbass.

    19. drusilla says:

      With Vanessa Hudgens her popularity in the web relies on a fan's multiple accounts and how they mastered multiple posting in rapid number. They might have beg cajoled and research on how to do this stuff. But there is a way about it. The real popular people will have a perfect ratio of the amount of post they had in the internet equals to the amount of how many movies, record and magazine covers and They shows that they're sold AND VANESSA DOES NOT HAVE THOSE SINCE HER HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL DAYS.

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