Who Should Be Miss COED November 2012? [PHOTOS + VOTING]

The last spot for Miss COED of the Year 2012 is now officially up for grabs! Out of all the lovely ladies we’ve featured as Miss COED for the month of November, it’s our readers’ job to pick the model they think most deserves to win. When you look at this month’s hot competition, you’ll see why it’s not a job we envy.

By now, you all should know the drill but I’ll repeat it for you anyways. Check out all of the fine ladies who were Miss COED from November 2012 and then feel free to click on their thumbnails–that’ll take you to their individual galleries. Once you’ve got a good feel for the field, vote for your favorites in the poll at the bottom. Good luck to everyone!


Brooke BalekChristina DronkowskiJax Turyna

Left to right: Brooke Balek, Christina Dronkowski, Jax Turyna

Danielle SchulteDevan RoseKim Flink

Left to right: Danielle Schulte, Devan Rose, Kim Flink

Rebecca LouiseLeah Marie GodeckeKimberly Schuyler

Left to right: Rebecca Louise, Leah Marie Godecke, Kimberly Schuyler

Cassaundra SmoakJoan ChangKimberly Diane

Left to right: Cassaundra Smoak, Joan Chang, Kimberly Diane

Emmy AdamsPaige BallLeticia Farr

Left to right: Emmy Adams, Paige Ball, Leticia Farr

Jessie YangDanielle McmahonLya Melendez

Left to right: Jessie Yang, Danielle McMahon, Lya Melendez

Arielblair Belisle Contreras

Left to right: ArielBlair Belisle Contreras

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