CAUTION: The Hot Shots 2013 Calendar is Ridiculously HOT!!! [60 PHOTOS]

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You don’t have to be a calendar connoisseur to appreciate Hot Shots, arguably the most anticipated sexy calendar each and every year. We’ve been leading up to the calendar’s release for some time now (including it on our list of the 10 Hottest Calendar Previews So Far), so you’ll be happy to know that it’s finally available for sale.

What is the Hot Shots calendar? Well if you haven’t been reading our posts as carefully as you should, it takes the idea of retro-World War II pinups and then shoots that up with some modern steroids. Rosie the Riveter has been replaced by the likes of Rosie Jones and Holly Peers and Tommy Guns have been replaced by M16′s plus other Call of Duty-like guns I don’t know the real names for.

It’s like a stereotypical American male’s wet dream. And we love it.

So check out a preview of the calendar below, then buy your own copy here at the official Hot Shots store.