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10 Of The Craziest Caffeinated Foods Of All Time

One day there will be caffeine in everything. Until then, there will be consumer advocate groups that claim to have our “health” and “best interest” in mind.

A few weeks ago, Frito lay, the company that makes Cracker Jacks, announced a new, caffeinated snack called “Cracker Jack’d” that will have as much caffeine in 1 serving as a cup of coffee. This angered public health groups like The Center for Science in the Public Interest and the American Academy of Pediatrics (who probably just didn’t have their morning coffee). They claim all this caffeine is dangerous and said, “How soon before we have caffeinated burgers, burritos, or breakfast cereals?” To which I replied, “Well we already have caffeinated oatmeal, so probably not long. I’m actually surprised we don’t have those things already.”

Here is a list of 10 caffeinated food or drinks that give you tons of energy and maybe cancer…

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