The Month in Sports Related Women: November [PHOTOS]

We do a spot-on job of giving the people what they want: a combination of hot girls and sports. Between COED and BustedCoverage, we keep you up to date on the hottest stories but also realize that you might not have had time to catch them all. The good news is that we’ve compiled the best posts for you into a format we know that you’ll understand.

If you missed out on Ryan Braun’s new fiancee, Michelle Jenneke’s return to the spotlight, the MLB WAG awards, or have no idea what an “F1 Grid Girl” is, there’s still hope for you yet. Behold, the month of November in Sports-Related Hotness.

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2013 NFL Cheerleader Calendars / Thanksgiving Day NFL Cheerleaders

Toronto Argonauts Cheerleaders / WWE Thanksgiving Divas


Colombian Soccer Girls / Colts Cheerleaders Shave Heads

Bar Refaeli GQ Germany / Knicks’ City Dancers Vs Brooklynettes

Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke / MLB WAG Awards

Candice Swanepoel Loves Instagram / EyeHandy Girls are Handy

2013 F1 Grid Girls / Sports Women We Are Thankful For

Victoria’s Secret Fall Fashion Show / Mavericks Dancers New Uniforms

2012 SEMA Girls / Ryan Braun’s Fiance

Brittney Palmer FHM / NFL WAGs



    1. agomuocharles says:

      Reblogged this on lerry411.

    2. WTF says:

      Where are the African American Women?????

      1. D0122 says:

        ^^^ Who cares

      2. herb says:

        Yeah right! we wish that would happen, its sad that most of the people writing these articles will NEVER associate women of darker skin tone with beauty. i have never seen it when reading most if not all similar topics. being a man of color i see beauty in women of EVERY race not just complexion i love diversity its what makes our world great the TRUTH is we are all connected no matter how we have evolved because of our ancestry!….

      3. guest says:

        african american women? is that to say you are refering to women who are from africa who now live in america? because if you are talking of women from this country then they are BLACK!!!! i hate when people call blacks (african americans) if you aint from africa DONT CALL YOURSELF AFRICAN!!!! you are BLACK and from america and want to be (PC) then call yourself BLACK AMERICANS, and if you take offense to my comments then quit calling white people white call them by there (political correct name) caucasions.

      4. Marine says:

        you got somethig against European Americans!!! PUNK

      5. Whiteman says:

        They are attending the Black Ebony awards – racist

      6. John says:

        No one wants to see Michelle Obama in a Bikini.

      7. Krys says:

        I agree! I was thinking the same thing. Some of these women are NOT hot, so why not remove the unattractive women here and make room for beautifule women of other races too. I am sure other races are inside BUT why do all white women have to be the cover pics? Once again I would say only half the women showing are hot…lol

      8. dee says:

        In the projects,cashing their welfare check,stealing something,having another baby,saying "oh no he didn't", I can go on and on. Go ahead say I'm racist. You too.

      9. ruben says:

        In Africa

      10. There are no good looking black women.

      11. thomas says:

        who would f them

    3. tothewhiners says:

      Yeah, who cares? I don't see anyone complaining about there not being any asian women, do I? Self-imposed chip, shoulder, remove.

      1. Ray says:

        You sir. Shut the f*ck up.

    4. KKKracker says:

      Try opening up one of the galleries you retarded pole smoker. Many a race is included.

    5. news says:

      The title of the article was Women who WOW Us in November and HOT girls and sports. Does that answer your question?

    6. Lolumad says:

      They're on National Geographic, wrong website…

      1. jay says:

        hahahaha, good laugh this morning

    7. realityman says:

      They are too busy lining up to worship obama/osama to take part in a photo shoot

    8. Aaron says:

      If you want to see women of color go open up a National Geographic magazine. I hear they've got nudies.

    9. Tommy boi says:

      why would you wanna see our sistas posted on there looking like those white hookers. We know our African American sistas are beautiful..why else do you see those toothpick white woman getting botox in their flat asses and their thin ass lips. Keep posting those white tramps white our beautiful black sistas conduct themselves like the beautiful black queens they are

      1. Justin says:

        Every body wants to see naked women, no matter the race. This includes a lot of women as well, sounds like you have no interest in seeing women naked. pole smoker

      2. burt stoval says:

        right on, my man——but your cause is hopeless—-the ad industry—this idiot web-site—-damn near the whole entertainment industry taking is such patheticly biased organizations as our illustrious news media are all run by and financed by the fruits in this gone to hell in a hand-basket country we were nearly all proud of at one time—the gays have the money in advertizing and in hollywood and TV and they all want women to look like their number one turn-on—

        -teenage white boys—a pretty face—nice hair—and bodies that would make a dead man puke ! ! !

        The black women in this country have at least finally gotten their long overdue recognition for being just exacty what they are—–

        Beautiful women who are not only eager to—but proud to display just what they are—-awesome women who are proud to look just like their creater made them—–beautiful women who don't want any part of starving themselves in order to please the queers in tinseltown

    10. David Butts says:


    11. burt stoval says:

      Tommy boi is right on………………

      David Butts should be informed that a black woman with a flat butt is still head and sholders about those white porcelen pale skinnies that call themselves women——

      make me ashamed to be a white man

      It has been a forgone conclusion for many years that the most beautiful women alive are most certainly not american caucasion women—they are sickening by comparison to real women all around the world

      1. eff jellis says:

        i live in the south and there are some very beautiful women in my area.i guess you haven't been in my part of the world.

    12. weaver says:

      you guys dont even deservr a decent reply

    13. AreYouKiddingMe says:

      When I looked at all of these photos the last thing I thought about was anything about their ethnicity! It's because people feel the need to make everything about the color of skin. This was about Woman related to sports taking photos, period.

    14. crusha says:

      You guys are a bunch of idiots. Any man that turns down kittykat because of the color of the skin is a fool.

    15. David Duke says:

      Black women try to look white with their weaves and blue and green contact lenses. Nobody likes a nappy headed ho.

    16. erica says:

      thay are all gorgeous! ;)

      1. nate says:

        there are all good in my book i would bang in a heartbeat or faster

    17. Zone says:

      I f this wasn't the internet and we were talking about this topixc in person none of ya'll bitches would have anything negative to say. so just keep hiding behind your keyboard and screen bitches……

    18. Bryan says:

      Can't we just enjoy the pictures?

    19. Jim Morris says:

      Perhaps Lil' Tommy fails to realize his hypocritical ignorance, innate to his sistas and his people that the word "queen" as it refers to sexual attractiveness can be often applied to those black hos' . At the tender age of 45 those toothpick white women still have those toothpicks and the 450 pound asses sported about by the sistas perhaps explain why no vice presidential aspirations are currently being equated to the sistas.
      Incidentally, you dopey black idiot, if you think constantly exhibiting your race's often displayed ignorance will get prejudice out of America, you are wrong. Barak to the past and start over—-somewhere else.

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