Emma Stone Has A Sex Tape? [47 PHOTOS]

Emma Stone is one of the office favorites, hands down. It’s too much of a stretch to say that she’s one of the hottest redheads in Hollywood. That’s why we’re waiting with bated breath to hear if rumors of a sex tape are real. Now that would really be something to be thankful for.

Sources who originally leaked the fact that she has a sex tape commented on how she’s got a “wild streak” that doesn’t come out on film. Bullsh*t. Anytime that you’re cool with sleeping with Jonah Hill (a la Superbad), there’s something more than a little kinky going on.

No matter what happens with the tape, it’s a win-win situation for men. If the tape comes out, I don’t need to explain why you win.

If the tape doesn’t come out, you’ll keep believing in your head that Emma’s a sexy little minx down for whatever (whereas the tape is probably filled with crappy footage of vanilla sex). You’ll always have these photos below anyways.

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