The 12 Most Successful Potheads On The Planet… Cool Enough To Admit It

This is the list you should have had that time your mother found your bong in the garage and then made you flush your stash (aka the worst day of your life). Not only does it disprove the myths that potheads are just lazy, underachieving, slow-moving losers, it proves that you can have your toke and beat Romney too. Never mind the fact that two states just voted to legalize marijuana, and a recent poll shows that 56% of Americans feel that it should be regulated like tobacco or alcohol.

So if your girlfriend, coworkers, or even uncool friends ever disapprove of your extracurriculars simply direct them here and apologize for the fact that they’ll never be rich and powerful.



    1. Kl Lk says:

      Prince Harry isn't successful. If he was not a royal he would be working in KFC

    2. Dave says:

      Carl fucking Sagan you damn philistines.

    3. klap says:

      noam chomsky!

    4. Drozka says:

      Prince of 'Whales', eh?

    5. darkknight9761 says:

      So, smoking weed is bad how?………………..I'm waiting………….still waiting……… answer? Okay, then I guess that the people who say it's bad are basically…..what's the term I'm looking for? Oh yeah…..FULL OF SHIT!

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