COED’s Ultimate Guide to 2013 NFL Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendars [PHOTOS]

It’s November, which means three things: 1) we’re in the heart of the NFL season when games start to really matter; 2) holiday shopping season is right around the corner; and 3) even though your wall calendar says it’s June because the only calendar you actually use is on your phone, it’s about time for you to buy yourself a new wall calendar to ignore for 2013.

You can skillfully merge all three of these things right now by getting a new NFL Cheerleaders Calendar as a holiday gift for the person you love most: yourself.

But don’t take the decision lightly and simply purchase the calendar of your favorite team. Are you sure your squad has cheerleaders with the level of hotness you require for a calendar you’re going to have to look at for an entire year? Possibly for even 16 months? Or longer when your lazy stoner ass never takes it down?

This year, do your research and check out our preview of all 32 NFL’s 2013 Cheerleader Calendars. Be an informed shopper. Then purchase wisely. Or just buy them all. The money goes to support the people who need it most: NFL-team-owning billionaires.

Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Calendar  / Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders Calendar

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders Calendar  /  Buffalo Bills Jills Cheerleaders Calendar

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Calendar  /  Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Calendar

Detroit Lions Pride Cheerleaders Calendar  /  Houston Texans Cheerleaders Calendar

Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders Calendar  /  Jacksonville Jaguars Roar Cheerleaders Calendar

Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders Calendar  /  Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Calendar

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Calendar  /  New England Patriots Cheerleaders Calendar

New Orleans Saintsations Cheerleaders Calendar  /  New York Jets Flight Crew Cheerleaders Calendar

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Calendar  / San Diego Chargers Girls Cheerleaders Calendar

Seattle Seahawks Sea Gals Cheerleaders Calendar  /  St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders Calendar

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders Calendar  /  Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Calendar

Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Calendar



    1. Clem says:

      Any sistas in the house

    2. rick says:

      gotta support the kids somehow after the dude runs out as soon as he finds out he gonna be a daddy

    3. gunngang says:

      love the TN Cheerleader Cal but where did all the beaches and water come from. Thought is was TN cheerleaders.

    4. Alan says:

      wow there all hot would love to bone one

    5. Tony says:

      What idiot butchered the pics to where you could only see like 40% of each cheerleader? (Bucs gallery) I know the photographer didn't take the pictures that way, so it's obviously some moron who works at "The Backyard".

      If you don't have the intelligence to do this, then fucking quit.

    6. Tony says:

      Just noticed where the Saints cheerleaders gallery is like that too. I know there's no way these dipshits approve my comments, so how about just passing them along to the fucknuts who put this crap up and have them pretend they are professionals.

      Jeez, if you have to go take a friggin class on web design and instruction then do it. Cause right now you're embarrassing yourselves.

      1. David says:

        Maybe they crop them that way so you have to actually BUY the calendar rather than oogling it for free.

    7. where are the oakland cheerleaders?

    8. David says:

      As for the Tn. Titans pic, it was probably taken right across the cumberland river, which the stadium is on the river bank! You may not be aware of this fact if you have never been to Nashville.

    9. sarah says:

      thank you, i needed that fixing. and Ha I am a female too

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    11. markbenn says:

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      Thanks a lot for sharing your calendars.

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