Christina Ricci [See Her Tonight on THE GOOD WIFE]

Christina Ricci guests on The Good Wife

(9 pm EST, CBS)

She’s guested on lots of shows and had her own series with Pan Am, so it’s not that big a deal when Christina Ricci shows up on the small screen. Tonight’s appearance, however, is on The Good Wife–and that show has been throwing in all kinds of crazy sexy stuff to try and liven up the ratings.

And it’s never a bad idea to find a reason to check out some Christina Ricci pics, anyway. The former child star has had a bumpy career path ever since her big adult debut in 2001’s Prozac Nation fizzled unexpectedly. She supported Charlize Theron’s Oscar-winning turn in 2003’s Monster, but then sat out a few years before bombing with the werewolf thriller Cursed in 2005. She couldn’t even break out when perfectly cast as a cartoon character in 2008’s Speed Racer. The sole constant to Christina’s career has been an offbeat beauty and amazing bod. The camera loves her, and so do plenty of fashion photographers–and so do we, so let’s enjoy this glamorous gallery…   [image via facebook]



    1. shelly says:

      so hot pose she give here
      sexy and funny

    2. PrimaFaciaTruth says:

      I think it might be a blessing in disguise that she hasn't "made it big in mainstream movies"….yet. As a result, she seems to keep landing much more interesting and offbeat roles in fare like "Black Snake Moan". I admired her greatly as Wednesday Addams, but once she came of age, I have found her to be the most incredibly beautiful woman, physically, and constantly INTERESTING person, intellectually, that I've EVER seen.

      In every conceivable way, to my mind, and my eye, she's "a cut above" the rest. I am totally smitten with Christina Ricci, even though she doesn't know (or care) that I exist.

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