Brazen Robbers Hit Jewelry Store By Riding Their Motorcycles Right Into A Mall [VIDEO]

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The problem with getaway cars is that they are always so far away from the place you’re robbing. Plus you gotta rely on a driver, and the driver of a getaway car can’t be trusted. He’s a guy who’s willing to get charged with robbery just for driving a car. If you’re going to be arrest for robbery, you might as well actually rob some sh*t.

So screw all that. Why not just ride your motorcycle right into the mall, rob a jewelry store and get the hell out. No need for a mask: you already have a helmet. No need for some punk getaway driver: you handle all your business yourself.

As long as you don’t get held up by that woman in Bloomingdale’s trying to get you to try the perfumes, it’s a perfect crime.

via Guyism