Is It Alright To Let Your Appearance Slip Once You’re In A Relationship? [HE SAID/SHE SAID]

After a while of being in a relationship, it just so happens that both people naturally tend to let themselves go (to a certain extent). The question is, what’s acceptable and what’s not? In the spirit of Movember and the unfortunate reality that your girlfriend might have a problem with your ‘stache, we decided to take a look at the wole “letting yourself go” thing.

Let’s be real, when you’re single, you’re probably in your prime because you’re actually trying to impress and bang some hot chicks. But, once the banging begins and the relationship follows soon after, the motivation to continue your pristine appearance tends to fade. [lead image via Shutterstock]

For example, when I was first on the prowl, I was looking fresh to death. Body was in great shape, confidence at its peak and I was turning heads like never before. As all the girls were flocking in left and right, I chose one and we began on or journey. Over a year later, I began to get lazy and put on some weight. This is not okay. Eventually I realized that and began hitting the gym. So yeah, all is well now.

Point is, sh*t’s natural. It’s going to happen 9/10 times if you’re not careful. As far as how far it’s acceptable to let yourself go in the relationship I tend to give a bit more leeway there. I think the whole farting thing is awesome. I spent the first few months of my relationship holding them in until she left and then just bombarded the place. But once I realized I spent more time in her room than my own, I said f*ck that and let it rip. I’d say do the same.

As for toilet use, close the door bro. Sh*t’s nasty. No one wants to hear you peeing or your ass cheeks flapping from the morning sh*t. Relationship or not, that’s just common courtesy. One other thing that tends to slack is the whole shaving thing, men and women both. Not to be partial or anything, but it’s generally okay for men to have some facial/body hair. Girls, on the other hand, need to keep up shaving the legs, arm pits and whatever else they normally do. Just because we started dating you doesn’t mean you can become a gorilla.

In all, I think keeping up appearances is essential to continuing a healthy relationship. Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t slack off a bit because you definitely can. Just the little things such as closing the door while using the bathroom, shaving when you’re meant to and not becoming obese if you weren’t before can help to keep things going strong. It’s natural to slack off a bit but don’t let it cross the line where you become a completely different slob.

As for the moustache and your girlfriend, let it ride.




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