20 Things You Didn’t Know About The White House

The 2012 election has been one of the most hyped in history. We’ve been hearing about both these candidate for years now, so at this point you probably know everything there is to know about them. But what do you know about the house they are battling to inhabit: the White House?

Probably less than you think. That’s why we’ve dug up 20 interesting facts about one of the world’s most famous residences, covering things from the mundane (How much white paint would it take to paint that thing?) to the salacious (Take one guess who installed a hot tub at the White House).

No matter who you voted for today, or didn’t vote for, at least take a second to learn something…



    1. BITEME says:

      Slavery is typical America?
      F YOU

    2. alan says:

      funny how you don't mention the fact that the white house is white because it was burned when the british conquered washington dc during the war of 1812 – you know, one of the wars that the united states lost!

      1. mikecoed says:

        It's 20 things you DIDN'T know about the White House, not 20 things EVERYONE knows about the White House.

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