Is A Skittles Sorting Machine The Most Worthless Machine Ever Invented? [VIDEO]

I’m sick of this goddamn Skittles Illuminati and their refusal to allow us to taste the rainbow one color at a time. Every email I’ve sent to Mars requesting they sell Skittles by individual flavor has gone without a response. So it’s good to see someone finally taking actions into their own hands, inventing a Skittles sorting machine.

Except the difference between me and the guy who invented the Skittles sorting machine is that I am joking and haven’t wasted my time creating a machine that sorts candy.

But hey, maybe this guy knows something I don’t. Maybe Facebook is looking to get into the Skittles sorting game and will buy out this guy’s patent for $400 million.

Or maybe dude just hates sorting Skittles. More power to you, man.

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    1. Luke says:

      does it work with M&Ms?

    2. srsly says:

      Well once he has the basic layout it would be easy to sort small candies by color, so yes.

    3. ALJ says:

      Brilliant – the cross application of such technology would be wild in the food industry. To think you could color separate elements in harvested wheat or rice crops that don't belong, thus eliminating (or reducing anyway) the need of dangerous pesticides to clean them. Although it will need to work a lot faster than what we see here to be effective

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