Camilla Belle: Woman Who Won the Week [PHOTOS]

Get A Healthy Dose Of Saturday Fraturday This Weekend [PIC DUMP]Get A Healthy Dose Of Saturday Fraturday This Weekend [PIC DUMP]
Saturday Night Music Fight [November 3rd, 2012]Saturday Night Music Fight [November 3rd, 2012]

When you can make headlines for being a backup QB’s girlfriend during the worst hurricane the North East has ever seen, you know that you’ve officially “Won the Week.” Ladies and gentlemen, meet Camilla Belle, the newest girlfriend of Tim Tebow.

For the record, we really didn’t see this one coming. That’s why we’re glad that we can rely on our boys over at Busted Coverage to break stories like this.

As far as other “contenders” are concerned, save for Miranda Kerr who was voted “Esquire UK’s Sexiest Woman,” there weren’t really. That’s not a bad thing, though, considering that no one would have beaten Camilla this week. Only in the States can you have a bench-warmer and a previously unknown hottie be the talk of the town for an entire week.

It’s like the American Dream.

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