Here’s What’s Wrong With America: KFC Offers Mac & Cheese Bites In The Philippines But Not Here

So now I’m supposed to travel to the Philippines for my prostitutes AND my KFC Mac & Cheese Bites?

I just don’t get this KFC. Deep-fried mac & cheese balls have already made their way onto a number of restaurant menus. And it’s not like fried mac & cheese is a regional specialty cuisine of the southeast Asian island nation. I’m pretty sure it was probably invented by some fat asshole in Alabama or Wisconsin or something.

And let’s not pretend it’s a health decision, KFC. You’re the chain that invented the KFC “Famous” Bowl which is most famous for piling all the unhealthy shit in the KFC kitchen into one dish and then covering it with gravy and cheese.

So let’s bring the KFC Mac & Cheese Bites to the States where they belong and let us Americans die on our own terms. If I’m going to kill myself by going to the Philippines, I’m going to do it with a drug overdose.

via HuffPo



    1. Mikey says:

      Your prostitute comment is insensitive.

    2. Anna says:

      It's an entertaining post, it really is; but the mention of traveling for the girls (first line) is enough to turn me off on the entire post. There's trying to be funny, and there's just plain bad taste.

    3. kat says:

      your post very well speak of what kind of a person you are.I feel sorry for you

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