36 of the Hottest ‘Jessica Rabbit’ Costumes for Halloween [PHOTOS]

I’m in absolute disbelief that we forgot to include “Jessica Rabbit” on our article outlining our 5 Hottest Costumes for Women post. Borderline rookie mistake right there.

In an attempt to make good on our heinous oversight, here are some great examples of why we should see more Jessica Rabbit costumes tomorrow night.



    1. Devilbisssmith says:

      These are very good and amazing costume for the girl to be Presented in the Halloween Function .

    2. Erzsabet says:

      I'm a bit disappointed that some of these are just different angles of the same girls. And you're missing the best one of all:

    3. Dirty says:

      The funny thing is while most of you guys punchin the clown on these photos, most of the professional photos are professional drag queens.

    4. Sicvicious says:

      they're alright but they're not the best really.

    5. BadAsh says:

      These are mostly crappy photos of the same 4 girls

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