Hurricane Sandy Vs. Hurricane Irene: A GIF Comparison

If you’re like me, you’re trapped blogging in your house because a giant hurricane is bearing down on your geographic region right now.

As a New Yorker, it’s crazy to think that we’ve gotten two hurricanes in the past two years, but even crazier is how much bigger this hurricane is than the last one. As you can see in the GIF above, Irene looks downright puny compared to the entire-eastern-seaboard-engulfing power of Sandy.

I think it’s pretty clear that if your in Sandy’s path, you’re best to take caution. The bigger the woman, the worse the temper.

via BuzzFeed



    1. Wow – even by size alone, Hurricane Sandy makes Hurricane Irene look like a tropical depression. Take into account the damage, and Sandy is easily on a whole other level.

    2. David Paxon says:

      Now that is what I call a super storm. A house or building would have to be extra fortified and prepared to survive a monster like that.

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