Natalie Portman: Woman Who Won The Week [PHOTOS]

I think it’s pretty clear who “Won the Week.” Not only did Natalie Portman show off some previously unseen cleavage, the actress managed to land three roles in our 30 Most Anticipated Movies of 2013 list. Boobs and movies? We’re sold (not that she had to work very hard).

Other candidates include (but are not limited to):

Katy Perry: She celebrated her 28th birthday by singing for an Obama fundraiser. Plus we published her hottest photos.

The Girls of the Black Tape Project: They threw a pretty fun party in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.



    1. Rob Cherrie says:

      Natalie Portman's face is what gives her the edge. Photos # 3&5 show how her face transcends all the tatty, tarty, skanky clothing they have opted to dress her in. To me, she will always be the frightened, sad little woman in "Cold Mountain" whose situation is caused by men and their war-mongering and who is still at the mercy of men and dependent on "the kindness of strangers" if she and her baby are to survive What male in the audience didn't want to help and protect her? Luv ya Nat !.

    2. vanessa22 says:

      Megan Fox unveils lingerie pics and more fashion news

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