FRIDAY: Comedy Vertical Stand Up Open Mic #7

Friday means: Comedy Vertical Stand Up Open Mic. Want to try stand up comedy? Sign up – and perform 2-3 minutes via Spreecast. It’s Just like a comedy club – but in front of your webcam! Yes, live, tomorrow (Friday) at 3pm EST: Comedy Vertical Open Mic.

Be a part of our new interactive feature that allows you to live your pipe dream of being a stand up comedian.

This Week Featuring:

Adam Brown from Cracked!

Mike Spiegelman from Spiegelmania!

And others!

How the hell does it work?

Jump on to the Spreecast tomorrow (Friday) at 3pm and sign up to perform via the Comment feature. Or sign up via email at: whokilledsmiletime@gmail.com

You’ll get to perform 2-3 minutes of stand up comedian in front of your webcam. (Be sure to register for a Spreecast account first.) Or simply watch and heckle the comedians – with your comments!

Show everyone at the office, frat, prison how funny you are by performing 2-3 minutes of live stand up on the Comedy Vertical!

Check out the stand up open mic on Friday @ 3pm EST in the viewer below:


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