The 30 Most Anticipated Movies of 2013

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We publish what we consider to be the “30 Most Anticipated Movies of [the upcoming year]” annually. Some of these are titles you’re already familiar with, some of them you’ll disagree with, most of which we’re going to see regardless.

What makes a movie “anticipated” in our eyes? Good question. It can be as something as simple as having a big-name director attached to a film. Alternatively, it could be the audience’s curiosity as to how badly Hollywood will drop the ball on a good idea (World War Z *cough cough*). If we’re being honest here, one movie even landed on this list because of a certain actor’s hair. No, I’m not talking about Ron Burgundy.

What I’m trying to say is that there’s not one thing that can make audiences excited for a flick–they either are or they aren’t. Find out why you should be excited for these 30 movies below.

  • Honorable Mentions
    Dishonorable Mentions
    A Good Day to Die Hard
    Fast and the Furious 6
    GI Joe: Retaliation
    Gangster Squad
    Grown Ups 2
    Jack Ryan
    Movie 43
    The Canyons
    The Hangover Part 3
    Hansel and Gretel
    Scary Movie 3
    Evil Dead
    The Tomb
    Welcome To The Jungle
    The ExpendaBelles