Make Candy Corn On The Cob Out Of Candy Corn And Cookie Dough If You Don’t Value Your Life

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You know what people are always complaining about? Not getting enough sugar on Halloween. Well, problem solved.

Candy Corn on the Cob is exactly what it sounds like: a whole cob full (an “ear” if you will) of corn with every kernel being a diabetes-inducing piece of that ol’ Halloween favorite, candy corn.

And of course, the perfect product to use for the cob… cookie dough. Nothing helps wash down a few hundred pieces of candy corn than a log of raw dough.

This is definitely a dessert you’re going to have to tackle with a knife and fork.

Kudos to the culinary experts at Instructables for creating such a monstrosity. I’m not saying it’s not genius, I’m just saying I value my health too much to eat it.

Maybe tackling one of these things could be the next “cinnamon challenge”?

via The Daily What