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Katriina Isberg [See Her Tonight on HAVEN]

Katriina Isberg guests on Haven

(10 pm EST, Syfy)

We haven’t really been following Haven too closely on the Syfy Channel. We just know it’s kind of a Twin Peaks riff where an FBI agent finds herself in a quirky town full of people with strange powers. We’re not even sure what the significance is of Katriina Isberg showing up in tonight’s episode as “Lady Justice.”

All we know is that this splashy role wraps up Katriina’s very busy first year as a working actress. Before that, this gorgeous Canadian was indulging her talents as a gymnast and dancer. Of course, she was clearly too beautiful not to make a move for the big and small screens. Haven is offering her splashiest role yet, but Katriina is obviously set to go on to much bigger things. Her singing voice ain’t bad, either, and same goes for Katriina’s taste in music–as you can hear in the video we’ve added beneath this alluring gallery…

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