College Football 2012 Week 8 Preview: Cheerleader Edition [PHOTOS]

Gotta say, Week 8 is filled with a lot of must-watch college football games. But that’s why it’s important you pick the game that’s right for you.¬†Obviously you’re going to be a little bit biased if your current college or alma mater has a respectable team but those of us who went to D-III schools need some guidance. Using college cheerleaders as a way to gauge how enjoyable a game is going to be sounds reasonable enough. Right?

This week’s college football schedule starts off on an especially high note as arguably two of the hottest student bodies go head to head in a Pac-12 match-up.


(3) Oregon at Arizona State

(9:00 PM EST | ESPN)


(15) Rutgers at Temple

(12:00 PM EST | Big East Network)

Virginia Tech at (19) Clemson

(12:00 PM EST | ABC/ESPN 2)

(6) Louisiana State at (18) Texas A&M

(12:00 PM EST | ESPN)

Purdue at Ohio State

(12:00 PM | ABC/ESPN 2)

(20) Stanford at Cal

(3:00 PM EST | FOX)

South Florida at (16) Louisville

(3:30 PM EST | ABC)

UNLV at (24) Boise State

(3:30 PM EST | NBC Sports Network)

(17) Texas Tech at (23) TCU

(3:30 PM EST | ABC/ESPN 2)

Michigan State at Michigan

(3:30 PM EST | Big 10 Network)

(7) South Carolina at (2) Florida

(3:30 PM EST | CBS)

BYU at (5) Notre Dame

(3:30 PM EST | NBC)

Colorado at (10) USC

(6:00 PM EST | Pac-12 Network)

(21) Cincinnati at Toledo

(7:00 PM EST)

Kansas at (9) Oklahoma

(7:00 PM EST)

(4) Kansas State at (13) West Virginia

(7:00 PM EST | FOX)

(1) Alabama at Tennessee

(7:00 PM EST | ESPN)

(11) Georgia at Kentucky

(7:00 PM EST)

Mid Tennessee at (12) Mississippi State

(7:00 PM EST | ESPN 2)

(14) Florida State at Miami

(8:00 PM EST | ABC)

Utah at (8) Oregon State

(10:30 PM EST | ESPN 2)



    1. Debianrule says:

      TCU the best imho<img src="; width="1" height="1" />

    2. JTW says:

      Obviously against Toledo. Horrible reporting. Lose your job n00b.

    3. anonymous says:

      You need to quit showing dance team girls and calling them cheerleaders….they are two separate groups….you can't compare them.

    4. kisisk says:

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