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Kate Upton Nude Outtake Photos By Terry Richardson [PHOTOS]

The first time that Terry Richardson posted outtake photos of Kate Upton nude, the world went crazy. Now the two are at it again. While they might look it to the unprofessional eye, these are not photos that you’ve seen before. These are outtakes from Terry Richardson and Kate Upton’s unforgettable GQ Summer Issue. Yes, they’re about as incredible as it gets. If you didn’t hate Justin Verlander before, now’s a good time to start.

As a big fan of Kate Upton’s work (read: boobs), it’s nice to see some new photos for us to drool over. Sure, those farmer girl pics were nice and I can understand why she’s moving into ‘high fashion’ stuff, but I hope she doesn’t forget her Sports Illustrated/Beach Bunny roots.

Luckily, people like Terry Richardson seem intent on not letting that happen.

Click Here for the Uncensored Photos

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