The 60 Best Natural Breasts of 2012 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month [PHOTOS]

October is an important month here to us at COED. Besides giving us an excuse to dress like Count Chocula, you’re also probably aware that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Not only is this awful disease deadly and painful, it’s also entirely destructive of two subjects we hold near and dear to our hearts.

In an attempt to pay tribute to the body part that we all love so much, we’ve compiled a list of the 60 sexiest natural breasts in the entertainment industry. Whether the pair belongs to a singer, actress, model, etc. is irrelevant–all that matter is that they’re natural.

So if you’re curious about where your favorite celebrities lie on the chart of boob-dom, you’re in the right place. Check out our list below. More importantly, you should think about donating to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation here.

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    1. ThisGuy says:

      Selena Gomez? Really? Could you only find 60 women in the world with real breasts? Therefore she made it by default? That has to be the only explanation. And she's ahead of Marissa Miller? And Anne Hathaway? And 51 other women with real breasts? You lost credibility.

      1. supplement says:

        they lost it at lady gaga (she should not be nowhere near top 10,000 of celebrity's best natural racks).
        yeah, NATURAL: so lindsay and krupa should not be here…. (probably 2 ultraskinny VS supermodels from this list as well)

      2. wildbill says:

        i completely agree. there's no way that she should be on this list, and someone needs to be fired.

      3. nycbass says:

        Lindsay Lohan's boobs are for reals. Way too floppy not to be…

    2. molly says:

      false… rhianna, nicole scherzinger have implants

    3. thebradybunch says:

      as someone with small breasts.

      fuck you. seriously. fuck you

    4. wildbill says:

      and lindsey lohan too?!?!? absolutely no credibility here.

    5. James - University of Texas says:

      Haters gonna hate. Lohan is real.

      1. MMM... says:

        Yeah, real like her nose. Sure dude

    6. comeon says:

      You lost me at Lady GaGa and the proceeded to embarrass yourself with the inclusion of Kardashian & Amber Rose. KK's whole body is gross w/o photoshop. Oh, and forgetting Blake Lively is awful too.

    7. Rob says:

      No Rosie Jones? WTF?

      1. CY21 says:

        Rosies #22

    8. bob says:

      So we have Christina Hendricks at 40 and Kat dennings at 57…then rhianna, amber rose, tyra banks, lilo and a slew of unworthies above them?

      Please seek help.

    9. frank says:

      All beauties in their own right….. But i believe Carla Gugino has the best with Allison Bree a distant second.

    10. Jimmy says:

      Where's Isis Taylor???????????

    11. tony says:

      rosie jones at 22 come on #1 all day every day

    12. Chris says:

      How much did Lindsey Lohan pay to be on this list?

      This list is bull ^ crap

      1. Rufus Coltrain says:

        LiLo has been doing a lot of her own PR work lately, and paying for it with BJ's.

    13. star says:

      u sure about Lohan's boobs? they sure don't look real.

    14. sam says:

      u sure #9 isn't a dude?

    15. Meowmix says:

      Way too many grotesque glamour models here…3 pounds of makeup, a mediocre body, low self-esteem, and comically-sized breasts slathered in bacon grease does not = hot

    16. boach says:

      Denise Milani isn't even on the list. are you mentally challenged?

      1. breastdoctor says:

        Denise Milani's are surgically enhanced, dumb ass! Just like Jordan Carver, Christina Henricks and Salma Hayek. They look more natural than others because they have some meat on them

    17. 111 says:

      kat dennings should be #1

    18. yep says:

      Kim Kardashian has implants.

    19. Aimee says:

      Holy crap. It's a page FULL OF BOOBS and hardly anyone has anything nice to say about it.

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