NFL Cheerleaders Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month [50 PHOTOS]

The NFL Players is a big supporter of October as National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Why else would they ask their players to wear pink mouth guards?

The thing is, nearly every single NFL game already features a pretty good ‘awareness campaign’ without the outrageous colors. In our opinion, their cheerleaders are better advocates for breast health than Ed Hochuli. Take a look at the photos below and tell me if you feel differently.



    1. dscott says:

      lmao, cheerleaders are better advocates of breast cancer awareness? with what, silicon?

      1. McGee says:

        Of course silicon, or possibly saline. What did you think doctors use for reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy, Kleenex?

    2. Ringo Lapua says:


      You take your big floppy fat chicks and I'll take the cheerleaders any day of the week, silicon or no silicon.

    3. freeagentsignee says:

      Go NFL cheerleaders! Looking good!

    4. bnchy says:

      The cheerleaders did a good job of Breast Awareness

    5. direwolf1 says:

      How sweet it is……

    6. nflrocks says:

      some of these cheerleaders are ATROCIOUS-looking :(

      1. mike says:

        Atrocious, never. Beautiful Always.

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