Bar Refaeli Launches Sex Tape Kickstarter [VIDEO]

People fund a lot of crazy things on Kickstarter: movies no one wants to see, music no one wants to hear, plays no one wants to go to, and a host of other piles of crap that only exist because for some reason middle-class people who rarely find the money to donate to legitimate charities will give money online to artsy friends they find annoying in the hope it will get said friends off their back for a few months.

Thus, Funny or Die lands on a perfect piece of Kickstarter satire: a project people would actually want to see. It’s funny because it’s never existed before!

And, alas, it doesn’t actually exist this time because, you know… It’s a joke.

That said, there is a Bar Rafaeli Kickstarter page. What it lacks in its ability for you to actually back this fake project, it makes up for in hosting some solid Bar Rafaeli pics.

via Funny or Die

  • MikeCOED Writer