Listen To The First Single Off Soundgarden’s First New Album In 16 Years [MUSIC]

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Remember when you were 15 and Plant & Page decided to tour together and you were super amped because Led Zeppelin was, like, one of your favorite bands of all-time but since they disbanded when you were a baby you thought you’d never get to see them live but now you kinda would? And then you got arrested for underage drinking in the parking lot?

Probably not, because you’re not old as sh*t like me. But believe it or not, the amount of time from Led Zeppelin’s last album until the Plant & Page record No Quarter was 15 years. Which is actually less time than has passed since Soundgarden has put out a record.

Not that Soundgarden is Led Zeppelin. But outside Kurt Cobain coming back from the dead (not likely) or Pearl Jam taking a 15 year break (even less likely), the return of Soundgarden is about as big of a ’90s rock comeback as one can anticipate.

But listen to me… I’m rambling like the old man that I am. What you should be listening to is the new Soundgarden song. It actually rocks. And you kids today don’t know how to rock anymore.

Imagine Dragons, my ass. What kind of f***ing band name is that anyway?? Go buy a Humble Pie record.

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