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How Does The iPhone 5 Stand Up To .50 Cal Bullets, Microwaves, etc? [VIDEOS]

It’s already been a few days since the iPhone 5 came out and I’m a little surprised that I can only find three “reviews” of the phone that involve intentionally breaking it. By this time last go-around we had seen the iPhone 4S thrown into a toilet, a blender, and a host of other unhealthy scenarios. While I’m a little bummed the video titled “Man Poops on iPhone 5” has been removed from YouTube, the good news is that Iman Shumpert makes an appearance.

Spoiler alert: The phones break. Having said that, you might want to skip these videos if you’re waiting for a back-ordered iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 vs. a .50 Caliber bullet

The iPhone 5 vs. a Microwave

The iPhone 5 vs. a Basketball Court (w/ Iman Shumpert)

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