Slater’s 50/50 Donut Burger Looks Appropriately Delicious And Masculine

In joining with the Beer Milkshake and the KFC Double-Down (food items that are too manly not to exist), Slater 50/50’s has just released a new hamburger that combines donuts, eggs, cheese, bacon, and beef. It’s called the Donut Burger and it looks both delicious and unhealthy–two necessities for any nutritious COED diet. According to the menu, the burger is “The 50/50 paddy (half bacon/half beef) topped with American cheese and a sunny side up egg sandwiched between two glazed donuts. Add strawberry jelly at no extra charge.” While the burger shop had us at “(half bacon/half beef)” we don’t know how to feel about the jelly aspect–syrup might be the better option here.



    1. James Stacey says:

      Now that is what I call a burger. Throw in the beer milkshake and you got a perfect meal package right there.

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