[20 PICS] Kate Middleton Topless Photos in French Magazine Closer

Just as the news about Prince Harry’s naked romp in Las Vegas started to leave people’s minds, the French gossip-rag Closer chose to publish topless photos of Kate Middleton on Friday, September 14th. She’s shown sunbathing topless while vacationing in France with Prince William. Yeah, it seems like the Royal Family is a lot more fun than we give them credit for. Whether it’s in Kate’s family’s genes or just the nature of being in the public eye, they have a penchant for showing up naked.

First it was her sister Pippa partying topless on a boat, then we learned that her distant cousin Katrina Darling is a burlesque dancer. The white whale, though, was always going to be the Duchess of Cambridge and it looks like the wait was well worth it! Check out the photos below.

Click here to see the uncensored NSFW photos



    1. donna says:

      why oh why has she lost her common sense>>>????

      1. sam says:

        they were on private beach

    2. glenp says:

      she got itty bitty titties but pretty good nipples

    3. Allison says:

      Kate Middleton is someone's daughter. She is someone's wife. One day, she will be someone's mother. Her privacy was invaded. This was mental rape to her and the photographers, publishers, and rag buyers are the rapists.

      There was no reason for these photos to be taken except to make some pervert money off of this, and it made that money on men (and women) of dishonor buying these rags and downloading the photos for their "personal" use.

      She may have married into royalty, but that's no excuse for this violation. She is still a wife and daughter, and her permission was NOT asked when these photos were secretly taken.

      If it continues, it will escalate into another Diana episode whered Harry will then no longer be the spare but the heir. Think about it.

      1. alex says:

        think about what? she uses the media to promote her royalty, then, when it's not an advantage anymore, she cries foul? look, don't use the media and then cry about the media.
        If the media was not around them, would anyone no or care about them?
        Think about that.

      2. Dave says:

        I would like to pay a group of a 100 poeple to follow you and your family 24 hours a day and phtograph you perpetually to include indescrete photographs just to see how you would react. As for the fact that they use the media I dont think so!!! the media use them to make money and a living.
        But every person on this earth is entitled to some privacy regardless.
        The news papers will destroy their freedom and the ability to report just causes where they are going.

      3. juan grip says:

        guess you wont be having sex…….ever. or at least until your mentally raped..grow up…someone has prob seen you in your moon sized bathing suit..

      4. crazyrepublic says:

        I hope you go and post comments like this on all other photos of celebrities chased by paparazzi. Because if you don't, boy you are hypocritical. To me, as a non-UK citizen, Kate is just another flavor of footballer's wife – classy, pretty, nice, but practically the same thing as the others. She's got no job, profession, cause, opinion or so far character, but she has lifestyle she doesn't pay for. All she does is walk around, smile and wave like any other celebrity. In this case she should also be schooled on how to manage scandals and her underwear.

      5. Stopbeingahypocrit says:

        Crazyrepublic- his the nail on the head!

      6. stopbeingahypocrit says:

        Quite frankly I want Harry to be the heir. What a legend. Got some life in him. She is a nothing. She's got no job and does nothing to earn her right to be famous. The fact that she took her top off just shows how brainless she is.
        But I bet she sits in her ivory tower jugding those who have no jobs and claim that they are sponging off society and should be cut off.
        Cut her off. Cut them all off, let's see how long they last working minimum wage, paying bills and feeding their children.

      7. Larushka says:

        She's not allowed to have a "job" by the Royal Family. She will gradually be taking on more official duties, which, to all you haters out there, does actually mean work. Just the presence of a royal at a charity event brings in huge amounts of money for the charity. She's the first royal we've had that shops the high street, recycles her clothes, etc. etc. The house that she was staying in was supposed to be private. The photos were taken from over half a mile away. Why would she think she could be seen? It's more a case of her security officers not carefully evaluating all vantage points…. if she could have been photographed, she could have been shot by a rifle – far more dangerous than being shot by a camera.

    4. Dis says:

      wow.. why take of ur bra when u have nothing to show…

    5. cold hard truth says:

      If it's rape, then why the hell did she take her top off in plain view in the first place? She knew she could be seen where she was and to be honest…..probably WANTED to be seen or she would have done like anyone else who didnt and found a restroom or a damn tree to hide behind!!!!!!!!

      1. Southerngurl says:

        No' she didn't know she could be seen! They were at a private estate with security and what they believe was privacy, but photographers with long range lenses climbed up to get a view over the walls of the estate and use the long range lenses to invade their privacy.

    6. ryan says:

      wow a few idiots there.
      How can someone publish any pics of anyone topless

    7. FRAN says:


    8. R Savage says:

      'Aaaagh! I've just had her!'

    9. duzzin says:

      she is sexy but that was not for us to see

    10. Abilebne says:

      I feel sorry for any woman who has yellow stars for nipples.

    11. jennyglen says:

      she wants to outshine harry and late princess diana, and i think she had done it….. period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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