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Jacqueline Lord [See Her Tonight on TWO AND A HALF MEN]

Jacqueline Lord on Two and a Half Men

(8:30 pm EST, CBS)

Jacqueline Lord would probably be a bigger star by now if she’d just concentrated on singing, modeling, or acting. Instead, this striking brunette keeps staying busy in all three fields–and when she finally settled into a recurring role on a TV show, it was on the short-lived I Hate My Teenage Daughter. Tonight’s rerun of Two and a Half Men is also Jacqueline’s second turn as the enticing Tiffany, and it’ll be hard for you to figure out why the episode is titled “Why We Gave Up Women.” We can’t give up Jacqueline, who’s made us even bigger fans by showing off all her best modeling moves in the killer video for her song “Killer”–which we’ve added here, in case these pics of Jacqueline aren’t enough to get you excited over our sweet Lord…  [image via]

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