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Comedians Rob Cantell and Boris Khaykin: We Nice [COMEDY VIDEO]

Comedian Rob Cantell is a friend to the Comedy Vertical. We had one hell of a good time interviewing the Brooklyn-based comedian a few months back. Well, Rob’s back (actually, he never really went away) with a new comedy music video: We Nice. Written and produced with fellow comedian, Boris Khaykin (aka Hardcore Boris), the duo raps about, well, how nice they are.

How nice? Expect not only a ride to the airport, but also to have them get you high! Need more verification on their niceness proclivities? They pick hitchhikers everyday – and don’t kill them either. (They just drive them to their destination.)

How nice? I bought your grandma a slice. Exterminator? I feed cheese to mice.

That nice. So nice.

Enough babbling; check out the music vid for yourself – straight out of Brooklyn:

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