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International Miss Reef Bikini Butt Battle 2011/2012 [PHOTOS]

The Miss Reef competition is one that we really enjoy following closely. It just takes a few stares to see why. While you might be more familiar with the brand of clothing and their shoes, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that each year Reef hosts a competition around the world to find their next “it” surfer girl/model. Not only does Reef award a single winner, the brand also releases a Miss Reef calendar (there’s also mobile app here) compiled of numerous fine-alists.

Unfortunately you don’t get to vote in a competition that’s already been decided butt we’ve pitted the various countries against each other in what’s sure to be a re-run worth watching. Check out all the pictures and let us know which country you think deserves to win in the poll at the bottom.

Miss Reef Argentina Bikini Contest

[coedgallerywall id=”500388″ cols=”7″ rows=”3″]

Miss Reef Chile Bikini Contest

[coedgallerywall id=”500419″ cols=”7″ rows=”3″]

Miss Reef Costa Rica Bikini Contest

[coedgallerywall id=”500489″ cols=”7″ rows=”3″]

Miss Reef Netherlands Bikini Contest

[coedgallerywall id=”500600″ cols=”7″ rows=”3″]

Miss Reef Panama Bikini Contest

[coedgallerywall id=”500605″ cols=”7″ rows=”3″]

Miss Reef Peru Bikini Contest

[coedgallerywall id=”500696″ cols=”7″ rows=”3″]

Miss Reef Uruguay Bikini Contest

[coedgallerywall id=”500632″ cols=”7″ rows=”3″]

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