Abigail Clancy Flaunts Underwear and Hottest Soccer WAG Status [PHOTOS]

Fighting for the internet’s attention as a WAG must be really exhausting–unless you’re Abigail Clancy, in which case it comes fairly easily. All you need to do is strip off your clothes, find a renowned photographer named Frank White, and let him take pictures of you. Simple really. For those of you who don’t know who Abigail is, she’s the wife of English soccer player Peter Crouch who so comically tall that fans used to joke that his old club’s owner (an American) must have thought he was picking a basketball team when he chose Peter as a forward.

It’s easy to crack jokes at the man but at the end of the day, Peter walks through his tragically short doorway only to be greeted by this beauty. Check out Abigail Clancy’s newest photos (plus the best of the rest) in the gallery below.



    1. Crazy_Jake says:

      Whats WAG mean?

      1. J Bryant says:

        Wives And Girlfriends

      2. Crazy_Jake says:

        Thank you…

    2. Wayne Rooney says:

      She has a horrible voice and is far to cocky.

    3. Chris says:

      As long as she keeps her trap shut, she's ok by me! Her accent is horrible… needs something stuffed in her mouth to keep her quiet ;)

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