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Annie Baria [See Her Tonight on 2 BROKE GIRLS]

Anna Baria on 2 Broke Girls

(9 pm EST, CBS)

We’re not big fans of 2 Broke Girls, but the show sure doesn’t skimp on showcasing hot comedic gals. We’ve already seen the episode where redhead comic Morgan Murphy stole some scenes. Now tonight has a rerun of the episode that features Annie Baria–who’s already built a following in Los Angeles through her onstage work with the Groundlings comedy troupe. Annie’s stood out among that ensemble for a while, and has also built a big internet following through her hilarious BitchHumor site. That’s where Annie shows off her cute neuroses alongside a hot bod that shouldn’t give her any problems in the romance department. Annie’s no bimbo, though, and maybe not even a bitch–but these pics will get you loving her for more than her mind. And don’t forget to check out the video of Annie’s audition for a Carl Jr.’s commercial…  [image credit: bitchhumor]

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