Meital Dohan [See Her Tonight on WEEDS]

Meital Dohan on Weeds

(10 pm EST, Showtime)

Tonight offers the 100th episode of Weeds, and the next-to-last episode to ever air. That’s no great loss. We agree with a lot of folks who think Weeds should’ve wrapped up its pot-dealing plotlines several years ago. We will, however, be missing Meital Dohan, who’s livened up with this final season with her feminine wiles. This Israeli beauty deserved a splashy role, too. She first broke into America with a guest turn on a 2006 episode of The Sopranos, but the actress/playwright/comedienne/singer has never really found a memorable role–although we liked Meital as a mystery girl in the barely-seen indie Monogamy. Her kinky turn on Weeds has certainly made for a memorable character. Fortunately, Meital has made some very memorable photos. We’re also throwing in her video for her dance hit “Yummy,” which have’ll you grooving on some heavy Meital…

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