The Hottest Girls of Electric Zoo Music Festival 2012 [PHOTOS]

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How did you spend your Labor Day Weekend? If you were in the New York City area and like to get weird, there’s a good chance you attended Made Event’s Electric Zoo. Thousands upon thousands of revelers and ravers dressed up to get down at the three day electronic music festival featuring some of the largest names in the business (Skrillex, A-Trak, Pretty Lights, Tiesto, Diplo, and many more). If you’ve never been to an EDM festival, you’re probably unaware of the ridiculously undressed slampieces that walk around the campgrounds. Consider the photos below an invitation to attend next year’s event. How did this year’s party (because that’s really what it is–a big f*cking party) compare to last years? Sound off in the comments below.

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Some of the photos you see here were taken from The Roosevelts. They’ve got a pretty gnarly album depicting some hot girls, and people going absolutely buck wild. Check out their full roundup here.

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