Sexy Girls Playing MADDEN 13 Is Gamer Gold [PHOTOS]

If there are two things that we like here at COED, it’s photos of hot chicks and Madden. Who wouldn’t? Well, probably your girlfriend but that’s another story altogether. The good news is that she won’t be looking over your shoulder as you check out the likes of Nikki Wells, Asa Young, and Sharly Kama playing the best football videogame to date in lingerie. We can’t promise that everyone you play online is going to look like this, but hey, everyone needs to fantasize about something. Check out 22 of the most compelling reasons to pick up Madden 2013 in the gallery below.




    1. Kevin The Intern says:

      Now I want to buy this game.

    2. andy says:

      who is the girl in white lingerie?

    3. Hunter says:

      Give the credit where credit is due…KCCO! Gotta love the best website in the world!

    4. Miamilifestyle says:

      KCCO !!!

    5. GAMERGUY says:

      Sluts with controllers.. NOT GAMER GIRLS!

    6. blogc2011 says:

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