THE EXPENDABLES 2: In Theaters Now—And The Internet Has Spoken!

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It’s only been two summers since The Expendables kicked the asses of Julia Roberts and Michael Cera at the box office. Now we have Expendables 2 coming back with a bigger and badder cast than ever before! It’s kind of sad that poor Whitney Houston has to go up against these guys with her last film role in Sparkle. Still, we’re very happy to endorse the greatness of The Expendables 2—if only because Sylvester Stallone quotes Eric Von Zipper in the movie. Yeah, that’s an obscure reference, but there’s nothing obscure like ’80s legends like Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme taking over the multiplexes again. Don’t take our word for it, though. Check out our favorite comments from total strangers on internet boards. It’s a mix of fun points and good rants, and we’ve already cleaned up the misspellings. Especially people writing “would of” when they mean to say “would have” or “would’ve.” Man, that makes us want to grab our .50 Browning Machine Gun and give it a good cleaning while complaining about people misspelling things on the internet. Maybe we’ll do that while you check out America’s real film critics…