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Miss COED: Kimberly Diane [25 PHOTOS]

Kimberly is a 22 year old model currently living in St. Louis. I know that you’re all really going to really love her because she describes herself as “a country girl who loves heels.” It’s like the perfect match. She’s already worked with companies like Rockstar and Trucks Gone Wild (in keeping with her country-self) and has been published in Bandini Pinups. Perhaps her greatest hidden talent is that she’s a formally trained opera singer. Kimberly might be shattering some glasses, but definitely not any mirrors. Make sure to check out her photos and stats below.

Age: 22 | Location: St. Louis, MO | Height: 5’7″ | Weight: 110 | Measurements: 32B-26-33

For more of Kimberly, check her out on: Facebook | ModelMayhem | Twitter

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