24 NFL Preseason WAGs To Watch [PHOTOS]

The preseason games have begun, which is great news for football fans. You should feel sorry for some of the players, though. They have to leave their loved ones behind for long stints on the road—and some of those NFL players have pretty amazing loved ones! You know a few of the supercouples, like Giselle Bundchen and the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady. Other players are dating (or married to) stunning gals who don’t pose on the covers of magazines. You may not know names like Janelle Winslow or Destiny Newton, but they’re the beauties who inspire some of your favorite players. These football stars are all about the love of the game, but these wives and girlfriends—WAGS, in the sports vernacular—must really be what a home game is all about to these mighty warriors. Check out the happy couples, and the even happier NFL players who have already won big…

How do they compare to the most gorgeous women of golf and golf WAGs?



    1. Deep in the heart says:

      Ummm….Aaron Ross is a cornerback for starters and btw he plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars…..Really? You gotta be kidding me. Where do they find these writers?

      1. R.R. Rocket says:

        Get a grip, man!
        I re-checked after your comment and didn't see one picture of a cornerback.
        Just a lot of tight ends
        You gotta be kidding me.
        Where do they find these smug bulletin board commentors?

      2. J.Pierre says:

        The Aaron Ross that is married to Sanya Richards-Ross is a cornerback who used to play for the Giants. Go do more research

      3. Deep in the heart says:

        Guess you didn't notice the little words in the pics describing who Ross' husband is…. Try dropping it and grabbing your socks while checking out the photos. Might make you sound a little less ignorant while replying. Just saying.

      4. R R Rocket says:

        Oops. Sorry you are write. I am the idiot. Guess it is true that it can cause blindness. Sorry bro.

    2. Editor: Where R U ? says:

      Given the recent events, I would recommend an update to this article. I highly doubt Evelyn Lozada wants to be associated with her soon to be ex-husband.

    3. jongreeneggsandhamm says:

      whose the girl on the cover? yoga pants and suspenders? surprisingly sexy

    4. Kronenberg smith says:

      These girl is Looking so sexy and Hot in the Picture .

    5. Jon says:

      I DID see a long snapper …………..

    6. Outofink2099 says:

      W.hite A.ttractive G.irls to watch this season? Oh my god!, How racist can you get?

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