Katy Perry Loses Her Bikini At Raging Waters Waterpark [PHOTO]

Katy Perry’s been all up in the TMZ newsroom for hanging out with professional crooner/dirtbag John Mayer, but now there’s something that we actually can all care about. The pop star visited Raging Waters waterpark in San Dimas, CA and was trying out one of the park’s artificial wave makers when she lost both her bikini top and bottom. It’s safe to say that she made some new fans that day. For example, peep that chubby hispanic kid in the bottom right corner. Just hanging out, watching Katy Perry’s great white whale/sideboob combination. Even through the back of his head you can see his big smile.

This is the first time that we’ve gotten a peek at Katy’s bare bottom but we’re somewhat experts on her sideboob. Check out the full action below!



    1. I missed the pics about her losing her top. Pretty much looked like the same two pics of her losing her bottom and what's up with that suit anyway? Did she borrow it from her grandmother?

    2. NKOTB says:

      Wow. She's got a granny ass. Hoe is disgusting, anyhow. But this seals the deal for me. Ol' hot dog water smellin' ass.

    3. FAR3 says:

      Cut her some slack. I think she looks pretty good. No complaints here. Go Katie, you look great.

    4. protossy says:

      I see cellulite dontt forgive that cool ass :D

    5. snerse says:

      where do you see cellulite?

    6. Alex says:

      You lot must have little to do with your time. !!

    7. bleffy says:

      awesome ass

    8. levi decora says:


    9. cherelynadie says:

      yeah that butt has some cellulite

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